Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Word of the week-cafone

A sadly topical word of the week: cafone (cah-FONE-eh). This person is someone who is boorish, uncouth, rude, vulgar, inconsiderate. We seem to be having an eruption of cafonaggine from many walks of life and from people who should know better.

Among these, just in the last week or so, singer Kanye West (picture), who jumps up on stage, tears the mike from MTV winner Taylor Swift, telling her she didn't deserve her award; soccer player David Beckham, who throttled a fellow player on the field for all the world to see; tennis champ Serena Williams, who expressed a desire to shove ball and racket down the throat of a judge; and Congressman Jim Wilson, who interrupted President Obama's speech on health reform to call him a liar.

Alas. The single episode of cafonaggine is a cafonata. As there are so many people like this out there, you may need synonyms, for variety: villano, buzzurro, coatto, volgarone, bifolco, contadino, zoticone...