Sunday, August 23, 2009

Word of the week- rientro

Today's highly topical word is rientro, which is the opposite of a word we saw recently, esodo. The rientro, literally re-entry, is the opposite of the latter- the movement of Italians returning from their August (sometimes July-August) vacations.
Articles abound on the hated rientro, including pieces on mal di rientro (as if it were a disease) and stress da rientro.

But Venetian blogger Marco Gavagnin has a new twist on this. The recession and unemployment has caused our hero in the cartoon above (looking oddly like Mussolini) to say: "The good old days- when I could be pissed off because I had to go back to the factory."

Catch more of Marco's wry cartoons on Italy at his site, Acqua e Matite.