Thursday, June 25, 2009

Save your wet cell phone with risotto rice

This may well be one of the strangest things you'll ever read on the Internet. And that's saying something.
When technological disaster strikes, as is its wont, I go to the oracle. Not the oracle at Delphi. The oracle at Mountain View. Google.

Recently, when my cell got wet (rain), it stopped working entirely. I consulted the oracle and found that the treacherous manufacturers will not honor the warranty if your device has been exposed to moisture. They have even installed a doohickey that shows such exposure, so don't play innocent ("but it never rains or snows in Boston!")

In despair, I perused the Web for solutions. Ever attuned to food, I chose the rice fix. Take battery out, lid off, cover with rice in a bowl. I put the bowl on a radiator overnight. I also used risotto rice, which absorbs more humidity than long-grain. To be precise, I used vialone nano, the most absorbent risotto rice. Worked like a charm.