Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cryptograms in Italian

Some of you have done crosswords in Italian, but have you done cryptograms? These are a code whereby one symbol is always equivalent to another. In simple substitution codes, the letter "a" could be an "m," the letter "g" could be an "e" and so on.

Also, when solving, notice the characteristics of the language such as letter frequency and patterns- for Italian, most words end in a vowel, and "h" and "z" (for example) are not common.

Here are two lists (lists are much easier to solve than texts). They have two different codes. Answers are at the end.

Colori: Aznool [see picture] Glddl Gldn Com Czndpl Digl Tigei

Cibo: Gamzibffl Ameb Alccm Dlgp Legmhmfm Epdfm Sbhmecmem

Don't peek below until you're finished!

Colori: giallo rosso rosa blu bianco nero verde
Cibo: spaghetti pane pizza riso insalata torta melanzana