Friday, February 27, 2009

Giorgione Col Tempo

You wouldn't think I love art as much as I do judging by its relative paucity in these pages. Or screens. You would be strongly tempted to think that I am more interested in food and drink by looking at the number of posts in each label. Pshaw!

To forestall such potentially slanderous aspersions, I'm going to feature some of the more memorable art I've seen in Italy. No, I won't bore anyone with extended commentary. Although I could if I wanted to, let that be clear.

Here is a Giorgione work known as "Col tempo," or, "in time." Just in case you weren't already glum enough about the world crisis, you can contemplate the deterioration and eventual demise of all things that comes with the passing of the years.

I am partial to all things Venetian, I'll admit it. The Venetian artists (and this means artists from the Veneto region- Giorgione was from Castelfranco near Treviso) were adept at portraiture, which was not usually the case with Italian artists, as opposed to Northern Europeans. Think Titian (he was from the Cadore mountain area, near Cortina).

Check out the mysterious Giorgione and his other works. The one above is at the Accademia. Get there before the Coke machines arrive.