Thursday, August 28, 2008

La Grigliata

Labor Day is coming up and with it the possibility of eating out or grilling. Do Italians grill? You betcha.

The name for their barbecue is grigliata (it contains the pesky -gli sound, which is similar to the -ll in "million".) Although they don't disdain the use of "barbecue," especially if it's a home affair.

In Italy they grill practically everything. Meat of course, but also veggies (eggplants-yikes!- as seen in the photo, are good), fish, and polenta. Here is a good starting place for an Italian cook-out, by Kyle Phillips, in his Italian food site on

Other picnic or outdoorsy items may be found in the recipe section of my blog. This may be a good time to try the Northern Italian spritz as your refreshing drink.