Thursday, August 14, 2008

Brava! Brava melanzana! Ancora!

The present blog has won an award as one of the top language blogs. The unassuming veggie has weighed in at number 130 of the 250 top language blogs according to the Lexiophiles site. This is not a bad result, considering that there are boozillions of blogs, and the Smiling Eggplant is not even a language blog, but treats of all sorts of Italian stuff (notably food and travel).

The word bravo that we hear after a performance simply means "good" (as in "good at"). The differences between bello, bravo and buono bear looking into. Which I shall do at a later date. Ancora in the same context is the same as the French encore, both meaning "again," "more." In Italy, the word will of course differ in gender and number: brava for a woman (or an eggplant), bravi for a mixed group, and so on.