Saturday, May 17, 2008

Phrase of the week- falsa magra

As you've noticed if you've looked through the Language label posts, there are words and phrases in Italian that don't exist in English, and words and phrases in English that don't exist in Italian.

Here's a fairly common expression in Italian that doesn't exist in English, or any of the other languages I know, for that matter. "Falsa magra" is literally a falsely thin woman or girl. What does that mean? It is a woman with some extra kilos (or more likely, pounds) who due to body proportions or careful dressing, or both, can come off as a thin person.

I've only ever heard this in the feminine, which would reflect the increased scrutiny women are under (often by other women) for everything having to do with appearance. Homer Simpson, for example, would not ever be called a falso magro, both because he is male and because he is way beyond the point of hiding his chubbiness. As you can see in the picture.