Monday, February 4, 2008

The New Yorker does Beppe Grillo

I hate to feature a publication associated with that dreadful city to the south which so unfairly ruined our Super Bowl yesterday, but I really must.

I finally found the link to the (gasp!) New Yorker's article which appeared last week on Beppe Grillo. Good article, seven pages, in which the writer even follows Beppe around a bit. Only problem: in true American fashion, Mueller states that Beppe is an Italian Michael Moore, or a combination of Moore and Stephen Cole-Bear. Hah! This proves that the author doesn't get it, like so many people where Grillo is concerned. Including Italians. Beppe Grillo is unique and unprecedented. He is not an alienating or divisive force like Michael Moore (whom I dislike). Unusually for a European, he has consigned ideology and left-right dichotomies to the garbage heap, and is zeroing in on the real issues.

For this, he has earned the hostility of much of the Italian mainstream media, who first tried to ignore him, and then grudgingly allowed him some exposure. He will be repaying their dislike by organizing his next Vaffanculo Day against the media itself, to be held on April 25th. Should be quite interesting.