Monday, January 7, 2008

Italian proverbs: anno nuovo, vita nuova

Part of a new series, with a new label of its own: Italian proverbs. As I hope you have already realized, proverbs are an intriguing shortcut into a culture via the distilled essence of the people. Maybe. Sometimes. Rather often.

I will therefore hold forth on various sayings in light of their background (with a nod towards current events) and state my approval or disapproval. I will also compare and contrast with our (American/English-speaking) culture.

Here's a topical one. Anno nuovo, vita nuova. New year, new life. Pshaw! Nobody really believes this. Maybe for a month or so, until your resolutions have pooped out, as usual. Even the tiny one in the photo is taking some time off from his lunch to express in non-verbal terms his cynical view of the future.