Friday, November 9, 2007

OT: Google's Little Fox

I have hardly, if ever (OK, at the end of July when Ingmar Bergman died) written an off topic. But now, for various reasons, I feel the need to.

This off topic is dedicated to a critter who accompanies me (virtually speaking) every day. He (perhaps she) is a fox- no, not a sexy lady, a real fox. The Fox accompanies me because it is one of Google's personalized themes, or background graphics for your Google homepage. These change, amusingly, according to the time of day in your zip code.

However, although it is a mere critter, it is quite domesticated and even civilized. It has adapted to its Japanese environment with a conical (and comical) hat. It does not give credence to the saying, "the fox guarding the henhouse," as it has made its peace with the feathered world, which it even serenades in the evening. It also crosses the river it lives on with an unidentified birdie as its companion. It loves to eat- it is shown quite often morning, noon, and night, having a solitary picnic on a mat on the grass. At night, it rests under a cover near the tea-house. Funny that it is never seen sipping tea-maybe it isn't totally adapted, while its funny bushy tail sticks out from the cover when it sleeps. Before retiring, however, it looks out at the starry sky- a Galileo-fox.

Check out the various charming phases of La Volpe (the fox) as it accompanies me, at this site.