Thursday, October 11, 2007

Beppe Grillo: semi-random, but not altogether unimportant, considerations

  • Last week, Beppe posted to his blog that the Rom people (better known as gypsies) were a problem in Italy. As they indeed are. Predictably, a number of people came forth calling him a racist, a bigot, and an all-around bad guy.

  • Beppe had already been immortalized on video (via the omnipresent You Tube) as saying that Right and Left no longer exist. While I consider this an overstatement, I agree with the gist, wholeheartedly. And the Rom remark above is a good example. The so-called Left got incensed, but these are just words. The fact of the matter is that the Rom prey disproportionately on the weaker socioeconomic classes. And there is no right (no pun intended) to illegality, which is the mainstay of Rom life. This is not a matter of Left or Right, it is a matter of common sense, and for the body politic, in the long run, a matter of survival. The same considerations go for us here in the US regarding illegal immigration.

  • While I do not think that Left or Right are superseded concepts, I think that they are just that: concepts that may have a greater or lesser utility. Right now they have a lesser utility, even a negative utility, as the term "Left" has practically been voided of its content and has become a label to self-anoint the terminally self-righteous and hypocritical.

  • Having said that (and it was a mouthful), I wonder why there is not more international interest in the Cricket (especially at the European level). But again, I strongly suspect there is no European level.