Friday, September 14, 2007

Pasta with scallops, radicchio, and bacon

Radicchio goes well with both scallops and pork, so in this recipe we'll just combine the three.

For 1 lb. of short pasta, procure about 1 lb. of ocean scallops, three strips of bacon, one head of fresh radicchio, two cloves garlic. Do your best to use preservative-free scallops. Chop the radicchio rather finely, halve each scallop. In the meantime, bring abundant water to a full boil and cook pasta al dente.

In a large frying pan, fry bacon until semi-crisp (but not brittle crisp). Drain off all but one tablespoon of drippings. Mince bacon. Add two-three tablespoons of olive oil to bacon drippings in pan. Saute' garlic until golden, do not brown. Remove garlic. Add radicchio to hot oil, cook for several minutes (it should lose both volume and color). Add bacon, mix. Quickly add scallops and cook with radicchio just until scallops have lost their transparency. Turn off heat, stir, add salt and freshly ground pepper. Add cooked pasta, stir again, and serve. No cheese, please.