Thursday, August 9, 2007

Pasta salad with cherry tomatoes, tuna, and olives

For one pound of short pasta (penne rigate, gemelli) have ready one can of good quality albacore tuna, 10-12 cherry tomatoes, a half-cup of green olives, and fresh flat-leaf parsley.

Bring plenty of water to a rolling boil, salt water, add pasta. When pasta is done al dente (usually ten to twelve minutes, but you must taste for doneness), quickly drain and rinse. Pasta salad is the only time you should rinse pasta.

Very finely mince one tablespoon of fresh parsley and add to pasta, which you will have placed in a large bowl. Add salt and pepper (better if freshly ground) and four tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. Cut cherries into quarters, remove seeds if they bother you. Quickly rinse and drain tuna, flake. Add tuna and tomatoes to pasta. Halve olives or leave as they are, add to pasta. Mix.

Allow to stand at least an hour. Two is even better. This, like most pasta salads, is a good dish to make the evening before or in the morning when it's cooler, for later consumption.