Friday, August 17, 2007

Adulterated olive oil

Plenty of bad news coming out of Italy this summer. Tax evasion involving biggies like famed restaurateur Arrigo Cipriani and the curly-haired idol of motorcycling, Valentino Rossi, who went so far as to make a video proclaiming his innocence and stating, like Don Gelmini, that he has been crucified. Getting mighty crowded these days up on Golgotha, this time with the rich and famous. 'Bout time, I say.

Pshaw! The first of my Ten Commandments enjoined you to use olive oil. And now The New Yorker tells us that even that is no easy thing. The current issue has a long, depressing article about the myriad ways in which this seemingly simple, genuine product is often nothing of the sort. And along the way, it sheds light on the intricacies of Italian and European business and law.

Fidarsi e' bene, non fidarsi e' meglio. It's good to trust people, it's even better not to trust them.