Thursday, July 19, 2007

Bread with tomatoes

I first had this at the Marmore waterfall in southern Umbria. It is neither bruschetta (which as we know is pronounced broo-SKET-ta), because it is not toasted, nor is it panzanella. It's just very good, easy and healthy.

Take crusty bread, even day-old. Slice lengthwise. Cut clove of garlic in half, rub exposed side over upper surface of bread. Salt. Slice flavorful ripe tomatoes rather thinly. Cover bread with tomato slices, with some overlap. Salt again, drizzle generously with extra-virgin olive oil. Shred tender basil leaves into small pieces, place on bread and tomatoes.

Now comes the (only) hard part. You must allow this to stand (or sit, if it gets tired- you will hear it say: "sono stanco!") for at least half an hour. An hour is better. A good summer dish to prepare ahead.