Tuesday, July 3, 2007

And now for something completely useful

I've ventured into the Italian language and the choppy waters of American foreign relations. Now we get to the important stuff: food.

My opinion is that if imported (here, Italian) ingredients can be reasonably replaced by domestic products, or products which are imported but more easily accessible, you can certainly do so, at least for everyday purposes.

Here is a list of four such products:
Belgioioso fresh mozzarella, out of Denmark, Wisconsin. Confirming that in WI they are indeed cheeseheads. This is quite good.
Chicken of the Sea clams in a pouch. I often use our New England canned clams, but these are closer to the imported bottled Amati and will make a superior pasta alle vongole. In fact, they're better than Amati. From Thailand.
Della Arborio rice. Not quite up to par with the best Italian risotto rices, but good for everyday use. Assuming you make risotto every day, which may not be a bad idea. Improbably from Arkansas. Hillary may serve this at the Inaugural Ball if she wins. It will be prepared by Arkansas native, the First Gentleman.
Goya Maria cookies. These are none other than the classic frollini. Light, crispy. Good with milk and for dunking.