Saturday, July 14, 2007

Top ten Italian movies

Here is a very, very provisional list of the top ten Italian movies of all time. It is a compromise between my personal choice (the Pontecorvo, Moretti, and Pasolini) and the vox populi (Fellini).
  • The Bicycle Thief (De Sica)
  • Umberto D (De Sica)
  • The battle of Algiers (above) (Pontecorvo)
  • The Gospel according to Matthew (Pasolini)
  • Rome, Open City (Rossellini)
  • Rocco and his brothers (Visconti)
  • L'Avventura (Antonioni)
  • 81/2 (Fellini)
  • The mass is ended (Moretti)
  • Nights of Cabiria (Fellini)